Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time to go home

We're headed home tomorrow. I'm definitely ready to wake up in my own bed, have over two dozen pairs of shoes to choose from, and have our little family back together.

The other night, Henry woke up screaming so I let him sleep in my bed. He was really jumpy in his sleep, moving around all jerky like a goldfish left on the kitchen counter. I started to wonder if he always sleeps like this. Like his unconscious is either in a ball pit or a bar brawl.

I mentioned this to his therapist who immediately thought that some elements of his therapy were becoming a lot for his little brain to handle. Some kids sleep restlessly after this crazy interesting listening therapy designed to eventually retrain the brain's processing. The last couple weeks, little man wore headphones attached to a mini-backpack that played Mozart or Gregorian chants during the climbing, jumping, and swinging of occupational therapy.

So, we decided to take a couple days off the listening therapy to let his brain rest. In fact, this next month at home is intended to let all this intensive work settle in. This is a hallmark of the therapy methodology developed by Dr. Lucy J. Miller and I'll tell you what, I'm thankful.

This experience has been equally hopeful and heartbreaking. I love my little man and I love all of him. But I'm tired and it's time to go home.

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