Friday, April 2, 2010

Shoes. Meh.

I love shoes.

Henry does not share my passion. In fact, I have bought too many pairs of shoes for him that have gone unworn due to his refusal (imagine little man's adorable furrowed brow and shaking head).

Two pairs have thus far met with his approval; Pedi ped sandals worn to bits of leather clinging together by frayed threads and Converse sneakers with velcro and an eventual scent that warranted their destruction.

But now, drumroll...we have found a third pair. I think these cute Merrell trail runners appropriately capture the Wilderness Boy image with some hipster orange thrown in. Of course, I'm sure that's not why Henry likes them. Like a lot of things we've discovered through trial and error, they just work. Phew.

A lot of SPD kids have trouble with socks and shoes and clothing. The seams on socks and tags on shirts are particularly bothersome for some kids to the point that they can't concentrate on anything else. Going without socks is a favorite of Henry's, which I'm guessing is part of the Converse olfactory unpleasantness.

Soft® is a fabulous new line created by Jessica E. Ralli, a mom and special education professional in New York City. The designs are superb, with no tags, covered seams and as the name implies, they look miraculously soft.

The website says seamless socks coming April 2010. We'll be waiting with bated breath. And held nose.


  1. Nothing gets me like a (cute) pair of little boy shoes! I hope little Henry will have many adventures in those Merrells.

    Although my knowledge is limited to only typical toddler pickiness, I can relate to what it feels like to finding something that works. Nothing like parenting to make you feel like a complete idiot and a genius in equal parts every single day.

  2. When I told Sera about the socks without seams, she nearly squealed with delight. It was quite a moment for me.
    Love you friend, and your precious family.