Thursday, March 18, 2010

It happens when it happens

There is a lot of wait and see with SPD. We've been waiting a LONG time for the little man to be verbal. It's been slow in coming, but with two speech therapy appointments a week, Henry's mastered about a dozen words and as many signs.

Tonight, he had his first phone conversation. Appropriately, he chose to have it with his Mimi, the amazing grandma who is his strong advocate when his own mama grows weary. My mom reminds me what is possible, what is important, and what I need to do to give my son the world's best opportunities.

It wasn't much, but there it was. Maybe the next first will be staying seated for an entire meal. Or eating an entire meal. Or eating. Maybe it will be going to sleep without a struggle, or having a bath without screaming. Someday it will be "I love you."

However long we have to wait, our job is simply to love.  And love is patient.

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