Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gifts up in the air

We have avoided airplane flights as best we could the last two years. (also see future posts on avoiding restaurants, crowded places, and quiet places). There's typically a lot of screaming, which I admit is pretty common for most toddlers. Let's just say we go beyond common.

Yesterday was an outright gift. As soon as we sat down, Henry put his head on my lap and slept soundly for the entire two hour flight. It was as though magical sleep fairies kindly greeted us in row 11 saying, Welcome weary travelers, here is a little grace for you. I was actually a little self conscious that people thought I had drugged him for the flight.

As I sat there with his precious little head on my lap, reading an entire book in peace (Style by Kate Spade which is fab by the way) and listening to the outrageous beauty of Sigur Ros, I realized just what a beautiful moment it was. I thought to myself, who am I to have this incredible being look to me for truth? For comfort? A tiny part of me believes Henry is a little too good for this world. But for a brief and uncommon two hours, we held on to peace together in this place. Up in the air.

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  1. I'm so glad the flight went well, and I love this post. I commented on a different post a few days ago, but I'm not sure you got it (?). I said how great it is that you've started a blog because I've always thought you should have a blog. Plus, I love seeing all of the pictures of Henry. (I didn't know he had SPD, so I did a little bit of research.)

    Hope all goes well in Denver!

    Yay for