Monday, March 29, 2010

Bowl of spaghetti and a bath, Part II

Part II of why tonight was amazing. Bath time.

Last week, we told Henry's sweet therapist about his difficulty with bath times. She asked the obvious question. How often does Henry get a bath?

Weeeeeeell, I'd say it's about once a month. Yep. For a little boy. Who never stops moving. The poor little guy is absolutely terrified of the tub and apparently tortured by the feeling of water poured on him.

I used a couple techniques I'd seen the therapists use, like having a toy go through a track of foamy soap, having the train jump in the water, and taking turns with other toys until he was ready to get in. And yes, Oedipus, I did have to get in. It was a long process, but he got clean with no screaming.

Then it was new Thomas pj's, an Elmo book, and out like a light. Hallelujah.

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