Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SPD in summer

Summer means hot sun, pools, sand, and messy food (think about it-juicy watermelon, saucy barbeque, buttery corn on the cob, drippy ice cream). All these sensory landmines give me some anxiety about enjoying summer with a kid with SPD. But the good news is we're starting out the summer back in Denver at the STAR Center.

Henry's therapists were surprised and impressed today with the progress he's made (using his core muscles to balance, having more words, and putting on 2 pounds!). Though sometimes it feels like SPD defines everything we do, when life is happening fast, it's easy to miss his improvements and growth. Now that I'm here and focused I'm realizing just how much has changed since two months ago.

The OT said today that he would not have made these strides without the efforts back home. And while I don't want to admit that it was really nice to hear, it was. I've heard more than a few times from other folks suggesting that maybe he'll just naturally grow out of it. I'll do everything I can for us to never know if that's true. Even if that's spending two more weeks watching all night HGTV on loop because I can't sleep in hotels.

The fact that no one has ever heard of SPD makes me still feel a little crazy sometimes. When the rental car guy asked me why we were in town, I paused. It's a long story, I said.

A long story that's changed me and my family forever. Not to be dramatic but I feel as though for the first time, I see the world. I see a little more of its fullness of struggle and love.

That said, I'm sure this isn't the whole story. It's just summer.

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