Sunday, May 9, 2010

Simply Beautiful

My husband and I often remark how complicated adult life is. Who can remember to fix the rear break light, return permission slips, pay the gardener, file taxes (or a 2010 extension), floss...?

After scheduling a sought after appointment for Henry months ago, guess which over-extended family forgot to show up? After considering tattooing upcoming appointments on my wrist, I did what one does when one needs to be fooled into the idea that one is in control. I developed a Dewey Decimal system of Henry's medical records in an accordion file.

But thankfully, today is Mother's Day. A day when crayons and crepe paper are all that's needed to make a woman believe she is loved. So simplicity is de rigueur.

The best gift I got came yesterday. It was the first time I've ever heard Henry put two words together. He ran into my room and came close to my face while I was sleeping.

"Hi Mom"

Simply beautiful.


  1. Thanks for this. Hope your day was perfect.

  2. Beautiful Sally! And so well written and expressed. You share your heart, circumstances, struggles and victories in a touching and profound way. Please keep blogging to help others. I'm praying for you all! love and ((hugs)) Aunt Sally