Saturday, June 5, 2010

Neurons and Stickers

Two hours of therapy a day may not sound like hard work. But in occupational therapy terms those two hours are filled with some serious neurological limit stretching.

For the last couple days, Henry has become very fixated on situating his napkin in a certain way during "food school." His therapist explained that when asked to do something uncomfortable, like touching applesauce, Henry will try to exert greater control over his environment. This explains why some behaviors of SPD are often mistaken for OCD. This also explains the stickers.

The last few days Henry's gotten stickers on the back of his hands after therapy. During bathtime the first night here, I realized he was not letting those stickers come off if Elmo had requested it himself. I let it go for a couple days until the vague shreds of Spiderman and that gross gray adhesive residue was all that remained. I have a teensy tinsy anxiety part of me that can't stand that kind of thing, so at a distracted moment I grabbed his hand and scrubbed it off.


After being presented with the Worst Mom in the World Award, I tried to soothe the incredible meltdown that followed. I bribed him with a new sticker but he covered his hand and screamed every time I came near. We're still working on getting some trust back around his hands. Not super proud of that.

I realize with his neurons having some major work done this week, Henry's controlling tendencies are on full blast. Problem: someone else in this hotel suite has controlling tendencies. So, I'm gonna give on the stickers. And that is not easy for me. But it's harder for him. And I'm the grown up.

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  1. christina warrenJune 5, 2010 at 1:10 PM

    I want every parent I work with to read your amazing blog.