Monday, September 6, 2010

A Little Bit Perfect

The other day, I found myself saying something unbelievable as I explained SPD to a new friend. It went something like this, "You know, it's actually a little bit hard to identify Henry's particular symptoms these days." WHAT??!?

Some folks asked me how the first day of preschool went. I'd say it was a little bit perfect. There were no tears at drop-off- Oh wait, that's not true, I was crying a river and spontaneously hugged a kind looking stranger woman who was walking past. Henry met a friend whose name he can pronounce perfectly and is excited to go back tomorrow. The teacher's only concern was that he hadn't eaten snack-Ha! Get used to it.

We are living in a parallel universe lately, where a little boy that lives in our house speaks a language that sounds a little bit like English, knows other children who he plays with, and even takes baths. See the photo above entitled Hey, I'll Try Anything To Get This Kid Clean. That night, it took wearing a winter hat for him to be happy in the tub. No problem.

I'm the type who believes in God. And I know a lot of people who asked God to help Henry out. For some reason, it's a little bit hard to believe that maybe we're over the worst of it. And maybe we're not (believe me, I'm no happy clappy everything's victorious and don't you know we're all going to be fine type of God believer, although I guess if you've ever read this blog, you know that by now).

But tonight, as I look at Henry falling asleep, I have this teary idea that he is absolutely perfect. And I'm going to go ahead and say thanks either way. Thanks for making him a little bit less afraid. A little bit less alone. Thanks for giving me this little boy. The one who says something that sounds a little bit like I love you. And I ask myself, don't you know we're all going to be fine?


  1. Hi! My sister forwarded your blog to me. I too have a son who, ironically enough, is also named Henry. He is three about to turn four in a few days. He also has SPD, and we are also in California! Pretty crazy! Nice to meet you, looking forward to reading your blog.

    Kind Regards,
    Christine Rogers
    San Diego

  2. Christine, What a small world! Thanks for the message, monarchy names are best!

  3. I saw your blog on Emily Currin's Facebook page and think you are a very beautiful writer and a fantastic mom.

    I was just reading one of my favorite bloggers and something she wrote made me think you might like her too:

    "2. Forget the Norman Rockwell vision of breakfast.

    I almost never listen to advice about what to feed kids because when my first son was sixteen months old, he was failure to thrive. He basically stopped eating, due to sensory integration issues, and his energy got so low that he stopped being able to pull himself up to standing. He was just days from being admitted to the hospital when a doctor told me I had to get fat into him. I said, “What about vitamins?” And the doctor said that before a child is three, fat is what really matters.

    I was shocked. I followed my son around all day with spoonfuls of butter, and I kept him out of the hospital until a feeding therapist could force-feed him other high-fat content foods, like, ice cream and French fries.

    So look, after living through that, I am not susceptible to articles about parents stressing that their kids don’t eat enough vegetables. Whatever. I mean, they’re eating. Just be grateful."

    her blog:

    your strength is admirable.

    Best wishes,

  4. I love your blog! I am an OT who has her own "real life training" at home in the form of a super bright, super sensitive 9 year old daughter. Life is never boring, often amazing, and frequently exhausting. Thank you for sharing with us your little in particular and your life with him. I will be referring parents here for a laugh, a cry and a reminder that they are not alone.