Thursday, September 2, 2010

Letter to Henry on the first day of preschool

It's not easy to let you go into the world. I've spent a lot of time protecting you, explaining you, sadly sometimes hiding you away in a safer place. But it seems that today is the day you start a bit of your journey without me.

Let me start by saying that you make this world richer and fuller. Sometimes I feel like you're my heart walking around on this planet. That every one of your bumps and bruises hits me full in the chest and every one of your struggles drags me out of bed and sends me to work in the quarry without enough sleep, head throbbing with more than enough wine. But what would I be without a bruised heart? Not full. Not human.

Let me also tell you that you have an enviable heart. It moves with all you have, with equal parts love and fury. But your spirit is infectious, and people are drawn to you, and you are loved. Don't hesitate to share yourself with others. I echo what your sister advised last night. "If someone says hello, say hello back." Even if you can't say your L's yet.

Let me end by saying that you are exactly as you were meant to be. That every bit of you was designed with purpose, with intent, and with grace. That your bumps and bruises and struggles are part of your story, and that until I belong to the ages, I will undoubtedly be here after each one.

We are yours.

Love, mama


  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heart (and his).

  2. This is so great. And around our house, we care very little for "L's" since our Boy (age 7) still finds them troublesome.

    Yay for Henry! I hope he has fun.

  3. "Every bit of you was designed with purpose, with intent and with grace". I love this! I know I will try to remember these words as I deal with the challenges of SPD with my daughter. Thank you so much for your post! And, that Henry of yours is such a cutie!